© 2012-2013 Martina Orlich                    All images, graphics and contents on this site are copyright Martina Orlich, 2012-2013. All rights reserved. Home Kontakt Impressum Cartoon Art Fantasy Art Home Custom Images & Commissions - FAQ Comics & Cartoons Everything you ever wanted to know about custom illustrations but didn’t dare to ask yet :-) What’s a commission? A commission is an image that has been created according to your whishes and specifications. If you like the general style of my art but couldn't find the motif you need among my portfolio, a commission will help you. How does it work? First of all, have a look at some examples of my cartoon-style illustrations: Cartoon-Art is created with ink and markers on illustration paper. It mostly consists of clear black linework filled with bold and bright colors. It's the perfect art-style to depict funny, humorous scenes or cute animals. Since it's easy to create and doesn't take much time, it is also much cheaper than fantasy art. If you would like to have an image created for you, the first step would be to contact me via my e-mail address: martinaorlich at yahoo dot com (spam-protection, please put it together to form a valid address). Please let me know what kind of motif you have in mind / what should be shown in the image and how fast you need it. I will then write back to you and tell you wheter I can meet your deadline and what the image you requested would cost (for more details on pricing see below). If you agree on the offered rate I will start to do a black and white draft of your image and send it to you vial e-mail. You can then have a look at it and tell me which parts of the image you like and what you'd like to have changed. I'll then do more drafts with the requested changes and send them to you. Once all changes have been done and you approve of the final design, I will color the image and send it to you in high resolution either via e-mail or on a CD-ROM via normal mail (depending on the size of the file). If in the end you don't like how the image turned out, that's also no problem. As long as you haven't received the high-resolution image, you can always opt out during the whole process. In this case, just tell me you'd like to cancel the commission, and I will just add it to the rest of my portfolio and sell it on the open market. You won't have to pay any fees for it then. However, please keep in mind that you can only cancel the commission BEFORE you have received the high-resolution files. Once you requested those files and have received them, you have basically received the complete product, and will have to send the full payment. How long will it take you to finish my image? That depends on how many other commissions are currently waiting in the line to get done. If you only need a small simple drawing, I can often do it in between my other larger projects. However, if you need a more complex image or several different images, there is usually some waiting time. I will let you know in my first mail how long it will approximately take until I can start your commission. As soon as I have started your commission, the time for completion mostly depends on the complexity of the motif and on how many changes are neeeded. If you like the first draft, simple cartoons like the ones above are usually ready within 2-3 weeks. More complex images with background and/or with many change requests can take 1-2 months. Unfortunately, as I’m only a hobby-illustrator, I cannot guarantee to finish an image within a certain given timespan. What does a commission cost? That depends on the complexitiy of the image and on wheter you need the image exclusively (meaning no one else will get it) or not. If you don’t need an image exclusively, I will (after I have sent it to you) additionally put it up on various microstock agencies on the web, where it can be purchased by any number of buyers. Since I make some extra profit on the image this way, it costs only half the price of an exclusive use image. In order to give you a general idea about pricing, I have collected some examples here. Please keep in mind that these are only vague examples and that I can only tell you the exact price for an image after you’ve told me what has to be shown in it. Simple figure without background exclusive use: 20,00 Euro no exclusive use: 10,00 Euro Several figures with few accessories, no background exclusive use: 50,00 Euro no exclusive use: 25,00 Euro Few figures with very simple background exclusive use: 60,00 Euro no exclusive use: 30,00 Euro Several figures with normal background exclusive use: 100,00 Euro no exclusive use: 50,00 Euro Attention: The option “no exclusive use” is only available if you request a motif that could (in my opinion) also be interesting for other buyers. That is the case for a wide variety of motifs. However, if you require a very special/unusual motif, it is possible that I can’t offer you the “no exclusive use”-option. But I will inform you about this at the beginning so you can decide if you’ll place the order nonetheless or not. What does “exclusive use” mean? If you buy an image for exclusive use, I will create it just for you and not sell the digital file anywhere else. I do, however, reserve the right to sell the original art to art-collectors. Please keep in mind that purchasing the digital file and the original art are two entirely different things. When you get the file from me, you have bought a so-called "license" for using that image. You may use the file in the same way that the terms of service for the "Enhanced license" on Fotolia (www.Fotolia.com) permit. I do NOT sell the copyrights for the images. That means you are not entiteled to resell the image-file as such in any way or claim it as your own artwork. When you buy a piece of original art from me, it's really just that - the original art, not a license. You can display it on your wall at home, use it as a present for someone else or even sell the piece on to another collector. But you are NOT allowed to make copies of it, publish it in any way or use it for advertising and so forth. You CAN do those things when you buy the license for the image additionally, but you will have to pay separately for that. Important: the difference between an image and a figure In this regard it is important to know the difference between the exclusive use of an IMAGE and a FIGURE. These two can easily be mixed up. Regarding my artwork, “exclusive use” always means exclusive use of an IMAGE, not of the figures depicted in it. It is not possible to buy the rights to a figure from me. As this is a rather complicated subject, let’s have a look at an example. One of the motifs most often requested from me is european wildlife - for example foxes, squirrels, rabbits, and so forth. Take the squirrels, for example: Here are some clippings of images that have a squirrel in it. As you can see, the squirrel looks almost the same in every image. It has different positions and is shown from different angles, but it is basically the same squirrel. It is a figure. Now if a customer places an order for the motif “squirrel and walnut”, I create an image like the one at the right side. If the customer purchases exclusive use for this image, I will only sell this special image to him alone and to no one else. But this also means: if at a later time another customer requests an image with the motif “squirrel climbing up a tree”, this customer will get an image with a squirrel in it that looks very much like the one with the walnut. That means the same figure can appear in any number of different images. The first customer has not acquired the exclusive use rights for the figure, but only for the image. If you have any questions on this matter, please feel free to contact me via e-mail. How can I send the payment? I accept payment via Paypal (www.Paypal.com) or bank wire transfer (= transfer directly between bank accounts). Unfortunately, I can't accept checks or money orders because they cost extremely high fees to cash over here. Payment is, of course, only due at the end of the whole process (meaning after the drafts have been sent, all changes to the picture have been done and you finally approve of the finished image). Do you sell original art, too? Yes. You can either commision a drawing and have it created according to your whishes, or you can buy a piece of artwork that already exists in my portfolio. Almost all of my cartoon images exist as a black and white original (containing the linework) and as a color original (containing the coloring). The color original usually costs as much as the exclusive use rights for the digital file (see listings above), the black and white originals are a bit cheaper. If you are interested in a specific piece of artwork, just write an e-mail to me and I'll tell you if it's still available and how much it would cost. What format will the electronic files have? My illustrations are created manually with markers on paper (or paints on illustration board), then scanned in. That means, I can only create JPG-Files (or .BMP / .TIFF-Files, and so forth), but NOT vectors. About me Fun Stuff